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The Thanksgiving Cooking Thread Makes The Best Of It

I pre-ordered all my Thanksgiving ingredients to be delivered between 3 and 6 pm on Tuesday. I got a call at 6:45 saying that the order would be a bout 3 hours late. Whelp, shit happens, it’s Thanksgiving and a busy time.

Then I got a call around 10pm that my order was cancelled all together. I call customer service and got a return call around midnight. The poor representative had to tell me that there was an issue in the facility and yes, they had to cancel a lot of orders, and there might be limited slots early Thursday morning. But realistically, I wasn’t gonna get my groceries at all. I was DEVASTATED. But Mr Rim went out today and got stuff so we’ll be fine. Even have time to brine.

How is your prep and cooking going? Here’s where to post about it. Forget to defrost something? Want to know how much salt to add? Ask advice. Tell us your menu. Show off with pics!