‘Star Wars: Andor’ Season 1 Episode 12 Discussion

Originally announced early in 2018 as a planned project as a slate of Star Wars series for the Disney+ service, the Star Wars: Andor series has arrived. The series has debuted the twelfth episode of the first season today and this discussion post is about it and what we’ve known from before about it.

The twelve-episode first season will cover the first year of the five-year period that’s being planned. The second season will be broken out across its twelve episodes into four blocks of three episodes where it’ll cover a year each and from a single director to cover those blocks. The series is intended to end just where Rogue One begins.

For the first season, the blocks are broken out with Toby Haynes directing the first three episodes, Susanna White for the second block of three, Benjamin Caron for the seventh, eleventh, and twelfth episodes, and Toby Haynes for episodes eight through ten. Tony and Dan Gilroy wrote eight of the twelve episodes with Beau William writing three and Stephen Schiff writing the episode Benjamin Caron is directing.

With Tony Gilroy serving as the showrunner and having worked on Rogue One, the cast includes Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma, Denis Gough, Stellan Skarsgard, Adria Ajorna, and Kyle Soller are also cast.

One thing to remember is that based on past reveals, Cassian’s parents were Separatists, which is a side that in the live-action side hasn’t been explored much and can provide for a distinctly different view than what we usually get.

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Plot Concept: Beginning five years before the events of the film Rogue One (2016), the series follows an ensemble cast of characters during the time that a Rebel Alliance is forming in opposition to the Galactic Empire. One of these characters is Cassian Andor, a thief who becomes a revolutionary and eventually joins the Rebellion.