John Paragon Day Thread (11/23)

Potpourri Month continues here at the Avocado and today’s thread Open Thread is dedicated to actor/comedian John Paragon. You might recognize the face but not the name. I recently read Elvira’s biography and Mr. Paragon had a profound effect on her life after the two met during their respective stints with the Groundlings. John would work alongside Paul Reubens on Pee Wee’s Playhouse as the mystical genie Jambi. Some of Mr. Paragon’s other credits include the cult classic UHF and stints on Star Trek DS9 and Seinfeld. Sadly, Mr. Paragon passed away in April 2021, but his legend lives on and today we remember him in our own special way.

To those traveling for Thanksgiving, stay safe and enjoy time with family and friends.

Have an amazing Wednesday!