American Dad! Season 19, Ep. 18 Please Please Jeff

In which Jeff tries to please everyone and ends up pleasing no one.

Jeff’s very nature is to be a cypher character. He goes along with the plot as is necessary. In fact one of the very early episodes is one where Stan has to teach Jeff to stand up for himself so he’ll confront Bullock, who is sleeping with Hayley. Outside of Lost in Space, that’s who Jeff largely is.

Jeff and Hayley attempt to go out to dinner to celebrate their wedding’s birthday but Jeff is sidetracked by trying to help out the family. Hayley gets on Jeff about being too much of a people pleaser. Jeff goes to the bathroom and ends up working in the kitchen until Hayley comes to stop him. The two end up arguing about whether they should be married. Jeff figures he can fix his marriage by finding what his hearts desire is.

With the help of Roger, Jeff finds out that his hearts desire is to drive a plane across America. He can’t fly because he doesn’t have his pilots license but he has his drivers license. So he takes over a 747 and starts taxiing from Langley to the west. Hayley catches up with him and it’s discovered that Roger planted the idea in Jeff’s head. Hayley and Jeff make up while Roger attempts to get on the plane.

Over on the B-Plot, the CIA is having a costume party and Stan decides to dress a Chicken Baby a totally unknown creation of his own mind. And it’s barely a costume, just a bunch of feathers and a big nose. It does not go over well at the party and Stan is embarrassed. Until he believes he hears someone praise the costume before Stan is knocked out. He finds a shoe and pulls a Cinderella, holding the party hostage. Steve shows up and predictably the shoe is Stan’s and everyone goes home.

Stray Observations

  • The title is a reference to Please Please Me by The Beatles
  • Roger’s disguise is an homage not a persona, in honor of Tony Mendez, the CIA agent from the Oscar Winning movie Argo
  • Bullock likes moon scheduled for some reason.


This one was ok. It’s well-trodden ground, almost as much as the Stan/Hayley conflict from last week. A lot of time was chewed up by predictable plot points