World Cup 2022: Day 0

So here we are just one day before kick off and so our daily World Cup thread begins. The plan is for this thread to go up before the first game each day so it will serve to live blog (for those awake or on appropriate time zones) and also to discuss the games after they finish. This time around some games do start around 2 am PDT, so the thread might go up the day before and y’all be by yourselves because unless it’s the weekend I’m not staying up for those games.

For a schedule of the games, times and broadcasters I suggest going here and you can read my overview of each team here

For the first set of games my highlights are:

Senegal v Netherlands (Nov 21)

Mexico v Poland (Nov 22)

Germany v Japan (Nov 23)

Portugal v Ghana (Nov 24)

While the most one sided could be between

Argentina v Saudi Arabia (Nov 22)

France v Australia (Nov 22)

Spain v Costa Rica (Nov 23)

Given Mexico’s current form, you could probably move them to the second set