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The Thursday Politics Thread Will Fall In Line

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

Well, the thing we all knew was going to happen, happened. Whether it be ego, or a craven need to protect himself from potential legal jeopardy or a combination of the two, he’s gonna try and pull off a Grover Cleveland with two non-consecutive terms in the White House. It’s been interesting, watching the Republicans experience whiplash, as they tried to rally behind him when they thought a Red Wave was going to carry them back to power only then to immediately abandon him when it failed to materialize. Pundits, journalist, Rupert Murdoch-owned media has spent time distancing themselves from the Ex-President What Lost and Tried to Pull A Coup.

But make no mistake. All of these chuckleheads will fall in line if Fuckface Von Clownstick clinches the nomination.

The ones that will likely be the most hilarious are the ones that are probably looking to run against him.Mike Pompeo, for some reason, thinks he’s got a shot so he’s staying stuff like this:

And Mike Pence, whom Trump tried to get hanged, has finally found the time to voice his displeasure with the Ex-President. But even his criticism is measured. This is why he’ll never actually be able to beat Trump. He thinks he can but he also wants to attract the MAGA base. Looking forward to seeing you fall in line, Mikey!

Then there’s Ron DeSantis, the one guy Republicans are actually looking at seriously. He was the real winner of the mid-terms on the GOP side; winning re-election with a comfortable 20 point margin. But even he operates on a level of trying to emulate Trump. From his weird, boxy suits, to adopting Trump’s weird posture and gesticulating he hopes to attract the MAGA cult by feigning familiarity. How well he does remains to be seen. Given Trump’s recent proclivity for not bothering with debates, it’s unclear if DeSantis will have to weather Trump’s bullying and that could prove key in maintaining momentum when the race actually starts. Both are bad, obviously, but DeSantis isn’t as dumb as Trump is. That is decidedly less good for us. Our only hope is that they destroy each other.

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