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The Wednesday Politics Thread at the Wire

Trump lamely announced his 2024 candidacy last night. Notably absent were some family and ‘friends’ grounded by inclement weather. Some remarked that the forecast was perfectly compatible with travel, so blinded by the blue skies that they didn’t see the Blizzard of Lawzz bearing down upon Mar-a-Lago. Trump whipped himself into a relatively minor frenzy over the course of the overlong event, but my (crushing) verdict is that he’s guilty of being too boring to override the media’s budding dismissal. I doubt it lasts, but I’m not so pure of heart as to deny myself enjoyment of the mounting conflict between him and DeSantis. The more circular the firing squad the better.

Artemis went up without going down. I think it’s headed to the moon. Sure I’m jealous, but also lazy. Just send me a postcard.

In extremely hardcore news, Twitter employees received an ultimatum to redouble themselves to the cause of indulging musk’s vanity and random button pressing as he graciously deigns to fix everyone’s favorite source of shitposts (and also timely political news and critical tool for global activism). Please, Joe Biden, nationalize the hellsite!

An employee at Caterpillar died after falling into a pot of molten iron at their foundry in Illinois. OSHA has fined them ~$145k, having determined that the death could have been prevented had the proper guard rails been in place. I nearly fell into a vat of melted polymer at a job once and confronted bosses about it. I was asked to join (or rather form) the safety committee in view of my appreciation of safe working environments 🙄

Alright, that’s about all I have to say about all that. If you’re missing the fancily formatted posts, I apologize. Still keeping rather busy, but mostly I wonder how worthwhile it is for me to put very much effort into composing headers when there’s a far better chance of getting conversation going on a subject by bringing it up directly in the comments. I’ll continue doing them for the time being, but will either think of a better approach or foist them off on someone else (or automate them, if truly none covet this glory).

Cheers, thanks for being magnificent company and try to keep it softcore.