Best Female+ Voice in Music: Quarterfinals!

Apologies for the late posting; I’m fighting a cold. But here we are now!

Last Round’s results:

Biggest drubbing was Aretha Franklin beating Bjork by over 50 points.

Biggest “upset” if that even counts anymore was Judy Garland beating Sinead O’Connor by a single point, 36-37

But the closest match was Dolly Parton tying Annie Lennox 36 each. And my friends, I LOVE Dolly Parton. But is it her voice I love her for? In part. But in my heart Annie Lennox has the better stronger voice, so it was her I chose to go up against top seed and force of nature Nina Simone in the quarterfinals.

Let’s keep this round open until Wednesday, 11/16/22, at 11:16:22 EST.