DoomsDay Thread (11/09)

Jeopardy fans…this month’s Open Thread theme is Potpourri.

Today’s OT is about the villain Doomsday, who in 1992, fought Superman.

Superman would save Metropolis but at the cost of his own life.

2022 is the 30th Anniversary of the Death of Superman, which we discussed in a Comic Book Chat last month.

Doomsday’s lifeless corpse would be thrown into outer space by the Cyborg Superman where it would find its way to Apokolips setting up Round 2 of Doomsday vs. Superman.

Here’s a short video on the history of Doomsday from Variant Comics.

Something to Discuss – Who is your favorite Superman villain?

Bonus Discussion Topic – What is your favorite book or movie that features a Doomsday scenario?