AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: Light of Xaryxis, Part 3

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Work is kicking my ass, so it’s another topic-less week. Apologies all. By the way if anyone ever wants to contribute a write-up for the header, just let me know in the comments.

Players and Characters

Our group started up a new adventure this past weekend. We’re starting in Eberron and running through the Light of Xaryxis module that was released as part of the recent Spelljammer set for D&D 5e. Josephus Brown is taking the reins as DM, and our new characters include:

  • The Wonderful Wizard AN (Plasmoid Divination Wizard) The Wasp 
  • Delilah Delethorn (Satyr Swashbuckler Rogue) TheHayesCode
  • Geenie Crambits (Halfling Undying Light Warlock) Spiny Creature
  • Okassaath Ch’katroth d’Tharashk (Half-Orc [Mark of Finding] Arcane Archer Fighter/Stars Druid) CleverGuy 
  • Tekili-Li (Wildhunt Shifter Twilight Cleric) Otto 
  • Ximon (Fire Genasi Swords Bard) Wafflicious


Dear Shriss,

I’ve been writing these letters with no idea where to send them for so long. I guess Ive always though I’d eventually be able to hand them to you when I found you. But now… If what we’ve been told is true, our entire world is gone. But I’ve also learned that universe is a much bigger and much stranger place than I even imagined. And if my friends and I survived, then I have to believe that you did too. That you somehow made it past the Ring of Siberys and are somewhere here among the stars. So let me tell you what’s happened.

When those crystal tentacles started erupting out of the ground, my friends and I departed Xen’drik on the Moondancer. The ship rose into the air, and then kept going, and before we knew it we had blasted through the Ring of Siberys and into Wildspace. There wasn’t time to wonder at it though, as we were almost immediately set upon by a silvery moth that turned out to be another vessel. Captain Sartell started shouting orders. Some of us manned the mangonel at the back of the ship, while others started loading the ballistae in the front. We couldn’t outrun the moth-ship, so we turned to fight. We fired and hit as a projectile from the moth ship flew past our deck. We traded blows again as the two ships closed in on each other. As we closed in, AN launched a Fireball against the enemy vessel, but got splatted by ballista bolt in turn.

A few seconds later, the moth had pulled up along side our ship and three figures jumped aboard the Moondancer near the bow. They were wearing strange faceless masks, but Captain Sartell recognized them as Astral Elves. Two of them slashed at Ximon, who had been helping with the ballistae in the front of the ship, and he fell immediately. The other sailors on the ballistae scattered, but I tried to restrain the boarders with Entangle, but they both pulled free of the magic vines I had summoned. At least cutting through them slowed them down a bit. A third elf was dueling with the captain, and my friends all started rushing forward to help.

As we engaged with the boarders, another elf from the moth ship appeared out of a hatch and cast a Hold Person spell on Captain Sartell, freezing her in place. Delilah swiped at the boarder she was fighting then leaped over to the moth ship to get to the magic-user. In the meantime, Tekili-Li cast a Healing Word to bring Ximon back from the brink of death. The elf priest turned out to be tougher than Delilan expected, but she managed to escape back to the Moondancer before Geenie surrounded the priest in a sphere of darkness that seemed to be filled with strange whispering and slurping sounds.

I saw Tekili-Li fall to an Astral Elf blade, and I shot the elf with an arrow then rushed over to heal Tekili. The captain managed to break free of the spell that was holding her and brought down another of the elves. The last one started to flee, and Ximon leapt over to the moth ship to follow him. But then the moth started to pull away. AN killed the fleeing boarder with a Fire Bolt, and then Ximon had to jump back before the two ships got to far away.

As the moth pulled away, but the captain had kept one of the boarders alive for questioning. He told us that the Astral Elves were responsible for the crystal tentacles we saw. They were sent to drain the energy from the planet and turn it into light that would sent back to power the dying sun of their own world, and once the process was started there was no way to stop it–our world was already dead. He was so smug about the whole thing that we just tossed him over the side of the ship and left him floating in Wildspace.

The Captain said we’d be heading for a place called the Rock of Bral, where a friend of hers lived. I gathered that Bral was sort of a metropolitan hub where people from all over can come and go freely. I’ll look for you there.