It's Giftmas Six! Woo!

‘Twas the Night Before GIFTMAS



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Recited by LumberGini
‘Twas the night before Giftmas, and all through Disqus
The people were shitposting, making a fuss.
The forms in October had been filled out with care,
So St. Jaye could tell you all what to send where.

Some commenters were nestled, all snug in their beds,
While those in other time zones were just breaking bread
And going to work, making a wage,
Knowing by 10 CT on Sunday, we’d be on the same page.

When up in the comments arose such a clatter,
But St. Jaye was always there, to ask what was the matter.
She flies straight to the upvotes and clicks in a flash
Making sure no gifter and giftee will clash.

She makes sure no giftee is left in the lurch
For an alternate gifter, she’ll immediately search.
For us, Giftmas comes together seamlessly well,
We’ll never know just how much St. Jaye trudges through hell.

All over the world, presents went by air and by sea,
And some gifts were even sent electronically!
Some gifts arrived early, with weeks left to spare.
(If that happened to me, I’d tear out my hair!)

Some gifts faced timelines that really were dire
They made it, but wow, it came down to the wire.
Some gifts will be late, for various reasons,
For example, post offices are busy this season.

But everyone who signed up, will get a reward
And those who participate will never be bored.
Giftmas is more than a day, it’s more like a week!
So that all gifters and giftees will get what they seek.

And what to our wondering eyes will appear?
Why pictures of presents we all will post here!
And comments about how the gifts are so nifty
‘Cuz the gifter knew just what to get for their giftee!

The spirit of giving is strong in this crowd
(And because it’s all comments, we’re never TOO LOUD!)
I can’t wait for tomorrow, and to see what I got
And to tell my gifter all the thinks that I thought

When I opened my gift and saw what it was.
I’m so excited right now, you can feel me buzz!
I also can’t wait to see my giftee’s reaction.
I hope they don’t feel any need for redaction

And they love their gift, as I know I’ll love mine.
If you’re all just as excited, please send me a sign.
For I know how much Giftmas brings joy to us all
And we’ve been waiting for this since we signed up in the fall.

Tomorrow will be all we hoped it would be
I really can’t wait to see all of the glee!
So, thanks again St. Jaye, for being our host.
Merry Giftmas Eve to you all! (Now upvote this post!)

-- Princess 20-Sided Die