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The Wednesday Politics Thread Gathers Dust

Yesterday was a special day in the SaragossaManuscript household, much fun was had, and this rough beast of a header slouches its way to completion at 7am, its complete non-existence having awoken me in fright several hours earlier. The bed is in my office (cramped alongside other foreign furnishings) and I’m typing as quietly as I can… 🤫

Oldest, active LGBTQ+ organization celebrates 70 years

ONE Magazine was the first, widely-published LGBTQ+ publication in the country.

In November, the ONE Archives Foundation is celebrating its 70th anniversary. It’s the oldest, active LGBTQ+ organization in the country and it started in West Hollywood.

ABC 7 [archive]

Musk is wrong: Research shows content rules on Twitter help preserve free speech from bots, manipulation

Musk’s likely acquisition of Twitter raises concerns that the social media platform could decrease its content moderation. This body of research shows that stronger, not weaker, moderation of the information ecosystem is called for to combat harmful misinformation.

The Current [archive]

The digital archives of Black life are transforming how we document our history

From May 2021

The assumption is that Instagram and Twitter will be around forever. The good news is that creators have been able to use their social media presence to garner opportunities in the live realm — museum exhibitions, films and other cultural products now have a place in the world beyond social media.

Andscape [archive]

The Potentials and Pitfalls of the “Virtual Turn”

While it is true that social media platforms offer myriad spaces for inclusion and innovation, they are also something of a discursive Wild West, where a tendency to “shoot first and ask questions later” is common, and a certain lawlessness in discourse is not only widely accepted, but often encouraged.

African Studies Review [archive]

‘It’s a history of all of us’: UWM project preserves Milwaukee’s home movie history

“It’s a history of how people represent themselves and understand their families and their own identities fitting into a larger socio-cultural sphere. So I find this very, very valuable as a way to demonstrate how film history is a shared history,” said Szczepaniak-Gillece, “It’s a history of all of us, and it’s a history that all of us should have access to.”

CBS 58 [archive]

NYC native preserves Latino, Caribbean history through digital archive

Described as the unofficial organization that everyone has a membership to — Nuevayorkinos acts as an online album dedicated to documenting and preserving New York City’s Latino and Caribbean cultural history through photos, videos, and stories.

Submissions are open via email or through Nuevayorkinos’ Instagram to anyone of Caribbean or Latin descent who is from New York City.

PIX 11 [archive]

Preserving the history that’s shared and stored on social media is on my mind a lot lately. The project that takes up most of my time (second to the PT of course) is a bespoke photo archive for my father-in-law. Haphazard piles of prints were turned over to me in East Africa, and it would be nice if he could share digital copies with friends and family (often in areas with unreliable internet access).

Sure, he can (and does) post a bunch of pictures to Instagram, but why risk having their indefinite preservation tied to the whims of a mad billionaire? Besides, social media encourages rapid, superficial interactions, which poorly fit the pursuit of gathering meaningful metadata. Rather than trying to reward clicking on the next shiny thing, I’m hoping to elicit textual or audio commentary from those tied to the photos. This all goes (along with previously digitized home videos) into “glacial” cloud storage and elsewhere as backup. For what amounts to a few dollars a month, the hope is to prevent some of this history from falling into the funnel of social media, where some disruptive jerk just might decide to flush it all away someday 😿🚽

🎶 Happy 70th Birthday to Maxine Nightingale 🎶

Welcome to Wednesday, Politicados. Start from the fact that you’re all kind, intelligent, badass forces to be reckoned with, and just keep things going round and round from there. At less than a week out from the midterms in the USA everything’s rather on edge, so I’m glad we have this place to bounce around in relative comfort. The McSquirrel Rule remains in effect, and that candy ain’t gonna eat itself 🍬🍭🍫