Director Profile: Vincente Minnelli

Scott’s desire to tell people what movies to watch knows no bounds. He’s decided to create a series on here devoted to profiling directors and creating guides to their films. This week’s director is… Vincente Minnelli.

Highly recommended: Meet Me in St. Louis, The Bad and the Beautiful, The Band Wagon, Lust for Life, Some Came Running

Recommended: Cabin in the Sky, The Clock, The Pirate, An American in Paris, Gigi, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Two Weeks in Another Town

Worth a look: Undercurrent, Father of the Bride, Brigadoon, The Cobweb, Tea and Sympathy, Designing Woman, Home from the Hill, Bells Are Ringing, The Sandpiper

Next week’s director is… Alfred Hitchcock!!