Werewolf 195: Scream Day One — Welcome to Woodsboro

SCENE: a kitchen in a California home, where a woman makes some sort of delicious-smelling bread

The phone rings.

The woman, a rather renowned Werewolf player, picks it up absent-mindedly, frowning in concentration as she peers through the oven window.

“Hello? Who’s this?”

“Do you like Werewolf?”

“Yes. ‘Tis the season! Who is this?”

“What’s your favorite Werewolf game?”

“Um, Pet Sematary, WW #81. It’s a classic!”


“Well because MacCrocodile broke it.”

“WRONG! April broke WW #81! April Karate Ludgate Dwyer!”

“It was Mac! I know it! I read that game 20 goddamn times!”

“I’m sorry. That’s the wrong answer. Say goodbye.”

The woman squints out the window. What is that? A cat to rescue? No! It’s a figure in a white mask, standing next to hoho ohno possum, in a lawn chair, hanging upside down from a tree. At least he would have liked that part.

Kaddish screams as someone crashes through the window beside her. Later, the smoke alarm blares as the bread burns. Sirens sound in the distance.

hoho is dead. He was Steve Orth.

Kaddish is dead. She was Casey Becker.



7 Vanilla Town: You are TOWN — Vanilla Town. Your only power is your vote.

Randy Meeks: You are the Town Survivor, meaning that you will survive the first attempt on your life (Day or Night).

Dewey Riley: You are the Town Cop. You can name another player at night to learn whether they are Vanilla Town or Not Vanilla Town.

Sidney Prescott: You are the Final (?) Girl. You are on the side of Town and will win with Town if Town wins. However, you also have some unique circumstances: You can only be killed at Night. If you are in the lead for the Day Kill at Twilight, the 2nd-place finisher will die instead (RNG if there are multiple 2nd-place finishers). If the SK(s) kill you at Night, they will win (possibly sharing a co-victory with another faction). If you survive longer than the SKs, you will win (again, possibly sharing a co-victory with another faction).


Billy Loomis: You are the More Creative Psycho. Paired with your buddy Stu, you’re just such a big fan of killing! If Stu dies before you, you will become the only Ghostface, and you will read as Vanilla Town to the Town Cop.

Stu Macher: You are the Creative Psycho. Paired with your buddy Billy, you’re just such a big fan of killing! If Billy dies before you, you will remain as Ghostface but still read Not Vanilla Town to the Town Cop.


Cotton Weary: You think you deserve a little compensation for being falsely imprisoned. You’re not here to hurt anyone — just get what you deserve.

Gale Weathers: You know that no publicity is bad publicity! You’re not here to hurt anyone — just get what you deserve.


  1. Chum
  2. Cork
  3. forever1267*
  4. Hayes
  5. Japanese Pancakes*
  6. Kappa*
  7. Lindsay
  8. malthusc
  9. Mayo*
  10. Miss Rim
  11. Mrs. Queequeg
  12. Narrowstrife
  13. Screw*
  14. Stars (They Come & Go)*

* new(ish) players, each assigned a non-playing mentor in a paired Discord chat


In this game, new(ish) players have an assigned non-playing mentor with whom they share a Discord chat.

Roles/Alignments were distributed randomly via RNG amongst all players.

Days will typically be 24 hours and Nights 12 hours. Day One is extended out of deference to Halloween. ๐ŸŽƒ ๐ŸŽƒ ๐ŸŽƒ

Please post at least three times per Day (preferably more) — or post something indicating that you won’t be as participatory on a given day but are still playing. There will be a deadline for submitting Night Actions. Again, if you need an extension, just tell the game mods, Nate or jake!

No editing or deleting comments for any reason without the mods’ permission — This includes typos, double posts, posting something you meant for the Open Thread, anything. Choose your words carefully, and consider your spelling, punctuation, and html tags before you hit Post.

Do not quote anything said in the private chats (Discord — group chats or DMs) directly in the Day Thread. You may paraphrase, but copying and pasting or screenshotting a role description, for example, is not allowed.

All game-related conversation must stop when Twilight is called.

Vote in the official Vote Thread. Votes not posted in the Vote Thread will not be counted, and please keep additional commentary, gifs, etc. out of the Vote Thread itself.

A tie at Twilight will result in a randomly chosen death amongst the eligible tied players.

Remember that play styles differ, and this game is only as fun as people are kind (murderous, but kind). Most importantly, have fun!



This game is being co-modded by forget_it_jake and Nate the Lesser. Please don’t hesitate to tag @forgetitjake:disqus and/or @natethelesser:disqus if you need anything. Note that the spam filter is extra sensitive lately to posts that are just a couple of words and/or an image, but the mods will do their best to rescue any innocent WW posts that find themselves in the spam queue. Happy killing!