The WPT Takes a Breath

Howdy, friends. Tensions have been running a bit high lately, and understandably so. I wanted to share some advice that I have turned to a lot over the last few years, advice I got right here in the PT. During the depths of the trump years I said that some disaster, now long forgotten, was something about which I should objectively be freaking out, but that I just couldn’t keep up that level of stress. One of our compatriots told me that we don’t get points for whether we are on edge or not, that its ok to enjoy life while we do what we can to make the world a better place, things like donating, organizing, protesting and voting. It can be tempting to bounce from one outrage to the next, there is certainly plenty to be outraged about. But in the middle of all of our entirely justified fretting, I hope you will take a moment to take a deep breath with me.

This song always helps me relax. I think it’s the placid beginning, the scene it sets. I assume it’s set in Rivendell as the Fellowship sets off, but I could be wrong and I’ve no doubt many will be trampled in the mad dash to tell me the correct answer.

Please don’t threaten or wish harm on anyone, grab ahold of a mod at, and have a good weekend, friends. We’re going to make it.