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The Wednesday Politics Thread is Gonna Live Forever

I’ve been so wrapped up in a photo archival project that I’ve hardly had time to appreciate all of your contributions to the PT lately. These observations of our political moment will surely last for some time to come, so I figure I’ve got time to spare. OK, maybe not all the time in the world, but long enough to catch a glance at your beautifully insightful comment before it decays to bit rot.

Read 7,000 Historic Children’s Books for Free in This Online Archive

The online archive features countless books available for reading online or downloading. Many date to the 19th century, while others were published through the 1950s.

My Modern Met [archive]

Trump’s records aren’t all that’s missing from the Archives

Archivists in the United States and indeed around the world have been pressing for ever more critical scrutiny of their own and others’ institutional practices.

The Washington Post [archive]

Who Gets the Last Word on Steve Jobs? He Might.

When Laurene Powell Jobs unveiled a website dedicated to the story of her late husband, historians wondered if it could change how influential people burnish their legacies.

The New York Times [archive]

As Big Book Publishers Look To Kill The Internet Archive, It Introduces ‘Democracy’s Library’

[…] this is all happening at the same time that the largest book publishers in the world, who should be supporting access to knowledge, are literally trying to destroy the Internet Archive.

TechDirt [archive]

IBM 3420, ancestor to the IBM Diamondback Tape Library

IBM says its new tape archive battles ransomware while cutting energy costs

The IBM Diamondback Tape Library is aimed at organizations with very large archival storage needs that also want to be mindful of sustainability targets. It achieves a lower carbon footprint through reduced power and cooling requirements and the fact that automated tape libraries consume no energy until accessed.

Silicon Angle [archive]

Elizabeth Mary Schaaf, who archived Baltimore’s musical history at the Peabody Institute, dies

“She built the archives from scratch,” said Ray Sprenkle, a friend and Baltimore musician and choir director. “She was a real one-woman show. Is there anything left in the history of music in Maryland that she didn’t have her fingers in?”

The Baltimore Sun [archive]

Now you might be thinking, “wait, with all these upvotes I’ve got, surely bit rot won’t come for my comments.” You sorry fool, upvotes merely trigger endorphin release to soothe your existential stress, but do nothing to ensure future generations are able to benefit from the wisdom you’ve recorded here for the ages!

… so what is a poor, time-constrained Politicado to do? Same thing we do every day: transmit supportive signals to one another to amplify our energies, avoid distortion and drown out the bad feedback.

Have a lovely Wednesday 🎃