The Weekly Wrestling Thread

The Monday Wrestling Thread is Going to EARN IT!


Waking up with a head cold at 6am on Wednesday morning, I was very confused and then worried at all the news reports detailing Adam Page’s concussion on Dynamite (as I didn’t realise the show was broadcast a day early last week). I’m glad I found out about his injury after it had been determined to be “only” a concussion. Watching the show live must have been terrifying, especially with Taz and Tony Schiavone’s anxious faces and vocal tones on commentary.

Apart from that unfortunate injury to the Hangman, the entire episode was fantastic. MJF and William Regal put on one of the great promos of all time, and at the end of the show, the former vowed to win the AEW Championship at Full Gear, “earning it” for the first time in his life.

Full Gear 2022

Whichever way this storyline goes it promises to be excellent. MJF could turn face and win the belt, or fail valiantly whilst trying to be the “good guy” (which would be a very New Japan style way to go), or – and whilst being the most likely, also probably the most fun – cheat like shit to steal the victory from Mox. I can’t wait!

Six weeks after the Brawl Out, whilst AEW and Tony Khan have been irritatingly Sphinx-esque on the subject of CM Punk and the Elite, it seems the wheels are finally turning towards some kind of outcome. Mr Bitey Ace Steel was released last week, and as per the Wrestling Observer newsletter, talks are ongoing to buy out Punk’s contract. Reportedly one point of contention is a non-compete clause to prevent him returning to WWE. Imagine that, Punk returning to the company he said a year ago nearly killed him. You either die a hero or live long enough etc., etc.


I know that Logan Paul has a YouTube show and a very expensive children’s trading card, which is already two things too many. I guess he’ll be in Saudi Arabia to collect that petrodollar check?

Elsewhere, Saturday night saw NXT’s Halloween Havoc:

NXT Halloween Havoc

Full results of the card were: Bron Breakker defeated Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh in a triple threat match for the NXT Championship // Mandy Rose defeated Alba Fyre for the NXT Women’s Championship // Julius Creed defeated Damon Kemp Ambulance match // Roxanne Perez defeated Cora Jade in a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal: Weapons Wild match // Apollo Crews defeated Grayson Waller in a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal: Casket match // Wes Lee defeated Carmelo Hayes (with Trick Williams), Oro Mensah, Von Wagner (with Mr. Stone), and Nathan Frazer Ladder match for the NXT North American Championship


Not much, I don’t think? Rossy Ogawa debuted the IWGP Women’s Championship, which looks like a championship belt for ants:

IWGP Women's Championship

Also the first part of Triplemania 3 should be available to watch when this post goes live:

If you watched anything or have thoughts, please throw them down!