Nancy Thompson Night Thread (10/23)

Today you get a double dose of Halloween Hijinks 2022 as we spotlight one of my favorite Final Girls Nancy Thompson played by actress Heather Langenkamp. Freddy Krueger was a force to be reckoned with until he crossed paths with Nancy. There was a recent article where Heather Langenkamp said she would like to return as Nancy in a legacy sequel. My response to that is that we already saw her return as Nancy in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. After the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode anything is possible.

Something to Discuss – Who is your favorite Final Girl and why?

Fun Fact -Heather Langenkamp would star on the ABC comedy Just The Ten of Us…alongside other actresses that starred in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

Fun Fact 2 – I actually had the issue of Fangoria shown above growing up. I always thought it was funny because it looked like Freddy and Nancy were going to prom together…haha.