Brain Damage Day Thread (10/23)

Halloween Hijinks 2022 continues with today’s Day Thread and its feature – Brain Damage.

Brain Damage is a sci-fi/horror/comedy from the mind of Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case).

The synopsis – Brian is just your average, normal guy until he has a close encounter with an alien parasite named Alymer. Now Brian craves the juice Alymer provides him…all the alien creature needs is brains in return.

October has been full of favorites and first time watches for me and this one definitely knocked it out of the park. I mentioned earlier in the week that a movie from 1988 might make my list of Best Movies in 2022 and this was the film I was alluding to when I made that comment. The metaphor of Brian and Alymer’s relationship is meaningful but I wont spoil it for you here.

Brain Damage is currently available to stream on Tubi.

Something to Discuss– Tell us your favorite movie that you watched for the first time this month.