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Nigeria Floods Kill Hundreds and Displace Over a Million

Nigeria is suffering its worst flooding in a decade, with vast areas of farmland, infrastructure and 200,000 homes partly or wholly destroyed.

At least 603 people have died, more than 2,400 other people injured and over 1.4 million displaced. For some states, more than a month of floods is likely still to come.

The New York Times [archive]

Planting trees – and hope – in a flood-prone Nigerian town

Widespread deluges caused by extreme rainfall and the release of excess water from a dam in neighboring Cameroon has displaced 1.4 million citizens and killed 500 in the past month alone, according to government officials.

But in Igbajo, residents have long since banded together to try to plug the gaps left by government inaction. As is common in Nigeria, the community of around 25,000 residents has an informal association tasked with resolving local disputes and issues that rarely reach state – or even local – government offices.

The Christian Science Monitor [archive]

First came the fires. Now Australia is facing devastating floods.

Thousands of people have been displaced by floodwaters in recent days across Australia’s east, where most of its 25.5 million residents live. As many as 34,000 homes could be inundated or isolated by the floodwaters in southern Victoria state alone, according to official projections. Authorities warned residents in some areas it was “too late to leave” as floodwaters approached 40 feet.

The Washington Post [archive]

Floods, bushfires and broken supply chains: how the climate crisis will fuel Australia’s medicine shortage

The world’s drug supply relies on an international network of farms and facilities and is often siloed, with active ingredients manufactured in one location before being processed in another country, packaged in a third and sold around the world.

It’s not just manufactured medicines at risk. Medicinal plants are relied upon by up to 95% of people in developing nations, and as alternative or complementary treatments to modern medicines.

Crikey [archive]

It’s been a scatterbrained day, yet salvaged sufficient wits to scrounge this together in spite of distractions. Going to keep tumbling through harvest season in this style until the election results shake out I suspect. I hope you all do what keeps you comfy and at your best this time of year too (not a McSquirrel Rule loophole).