The October 18th Between Two Fires Day Thread

Last year I read Between Two Fires a 2012 horror novel by Christopher Buehlman. Set in 14th Century France during the height of the Black Death (the title refers to Pope Clement VI, whose papal throne was surrounded by burning torches to ward off the plague), the book follows a disgraced knight Thomas, who is cajoled into travelling with a girl named Delphine who believes that she is receiving messages from God.

Yes, the dope-ass cover influenced my purchase.

Tonally, the novel shares some DNA with recent movies like The Green Knight and The Northman, mixing gritty violence with the supernatural, though far more horrific. Honestly it’s kinda nuts that there isn’t more horror novels set during this time period. Get out of the Victorian era, you nerds!

But yeah, if this sounds like your jam I highly recommend reading it.