Best Female+ Voice in Music: The Nominations!

Hey everyone, I don’t normally ask folks to be sure and read the header but… hey can you be sure and read the header this time? Thanks kindly. Well we’ve wrapped up the best Male+ Voice in Music, and now it’s time for the sister tournament. As with the other tournament, if there are worthy voices who don’t neatly fit into “male” of “female,” feel free to nominate them for this tournament.

I feel like I learned some things from the last tourney, so here’s how we’re going to do this here one:

We will have a round of nominations (That’s this), which will last for between 2 and 3 days, during which time upvotes will be nice but not counted for seeding. Please nominate any and all artists you care to, and please, if it’s any artist that is associated with an act, please include that in your nomination so that I can add the information further down the line. Yes, most people know that Shirley Manson is the lead singer of Garbage, but don’t assume. Help a poor boy out.

After this is done we’ll go to the round of seeding. For the Male+, I took the top 64. I could potentially go to 128 for this round though… I think I can handle that. I’m just expecting there to be a lot of nominees this time out who deserve to make the cut.

Anyway, throw nominations in this thread which will be open until 9PM, Eastern time, Wednesday, 10/19