The Cycling Thread Gets Ready

It’s Autumn, one of two shoulder seasons, a season which, like a shoulder, rolls; Autumn rolls into Winter. Change is upon us. As some here may know due to my increasingly frequent mention of it, I’m imminently moving overseas, and I’m doing a large portion of my prep today (the rest tomorrow). Among those things is preparing my bike/bike stuff.

Tools for the trip include my multitool, chainbreaker, a pair of 15/16/17/18mm wrenches, lube, Lezyne hand pump, tire levers (Pedro’s and others), pliers, and a 4mm, I think, spanner. I’ve wrapped new bartape, sticking with the red theme; I just need a red seat. The bike is now hooked up geared, although I, in my haste, forgot to measure the chain, so it’s too long and I’ll need to cut it down.

No real topic this week. How prepared are you? How’ve your rides of late been? How’s the weather?