Rick and Morty S2E5 – Final DeSmithation

It’s another Rick and Jerry team-up episode with the rest of the family largely absent – shades of Season 3’s “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” – and what’s most notable about this one is how Rick and Jerry’s dynamic has changed between then and now. Rick still doesn’t exactly like Jerry, and he probably never will, but at least he’s treating him as a person he doesn’t like and not as something he scraped off his shoe – even affirming Jerry’s right to “take anything you want seriously” even if he himself thinks it’s dumb. It’s another sign of the show’s turn away from the bitterness which characterized early seasons to something with a little more heart. And it did it without losing sight of the show’s core focus on poop and incest jokes high-concept sci-fi!

I enjoyed how this one stretched its premise all over the place. There’s a lot you can do with the concept of an infallible prediction and its various logical corollaries, like making the predictee immortal until it comes to pass and the exploitability of a fortune’s exact words. A good, solid midseason entry.

  • Sleepy Gary gets a shout-out. There’s a deep cut!
  • Rick may have been mad at Jerry at the end, but he was never going to keep his immortality for long. For someone so misanthropic, he makes friends pretty easily. They’re rarely deep or lasting friendships, but as he points out, for the purposes of this it doesn’t matter.
  • Space Beth is back! It’s nice to see her spending more time with the rest of the family consistently. Get it, you three.