V/H/S Day Thread (10/02)

It’s October 2 and the Open Thread Theme topic for this month is Halloween Hijinks 2022.

V/H/S is a found footage horror movie/anthology, originally released back in 2012.

I remember seeing this one in the theater when it was released. Back when the Hollywood Theater was under different management, they would show independent movies and classic movies in 35mm. It became a second home to me when I moved a few blocks away from it back in 2013. Sadly, the new owners have no vision and only show first run movies.

V/H/S has five segments to it – Amateur Night, Second Honeymoon, Tuesday the 17th, The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger, and 10/31/98. There is a wraparound story that ties all of them together called Tape 56.

I had a hard time sleeping the night I saw this movie. Second Honeymoon really affected me aka scared the absolute shit out of me.

V/H/S would spawn the following sequels – V/H/S 2, V/H/S : Viral, V/H/S 94, and releasing this month, V/H/S 99.

Something to Discuss – If you have seen these movies, tell us your favorite segment or segments.

Bonus Discussion – VHS tapes are highly collectible among the horror and film communities. What was your favorite VHS tape growing up and do you still own it? Do you collect VHS tapes and if so, what’s your favorite one in your collection?

Final Discussion for Today – Post your favorite VHS box cover art.