Best Male+ Voice in Music: Round 2!

Here we go again folks! You’ve narrowed to down from 64 to 32. Here are the noteworthy accomplishments:

You monsters roundly turned out the beautiful voice of on its ear. Joe Cocker couldn’t get by, because he had so few friends to give him a little help, losing to Marvin Gaye 81-7! “What’s going on,” indeed.

Even you, soulless, collective you, had a hard time determining which amazing male voice ought to stay between Bruce Springsteen, who was born to run at least one more day, and Seal, who maybe should’ve kissed the Blarney Stone instead of a rose. The final score was a mere two votes for the Boss, 45-43.

And finally the following were the most unexpected results of your rejecting a top-seeded, wonderful singing voice for a much lower-seeded one. Harry Belafonte (at a 53rd seed), beat Satchmo (12th) .

What kind of “best male voice tournament” is this where Barry White and Louis Armstrong are both kicked out in the first freaking round? I hope y’all are proud of yourselves. This round will be open until Monday, 9PM Eastern.