All Things Cricket: September 29th

  • Yeah, we’re just doing this whenever now. I was involved in a huge project with a company that shall remain nameless who you have definitely heard of, until they ghosted us (we are also a large company, which you have probably *never* heard of, but which sells stuff that is probably behind the drywall in your house). Now I am idle, waiting for this to play out. Business is so much fun these days! Huge companies acting like people who use internet dating services! Lawsuits pending, I’m sure.
  • From the above photo, you know why I am doing this again this week. Please hold forth in the comments! The best thing about this was, women’s cricket is being talked about, like it should be. Read the full story here.
  • The CPL final is tomorrow, Jamaica v. Barbados. Two cricket-mad islands, being forced to play each other in Guyana because of ExxonMobil, I think? Who knows.
  • Surrey won the County Championship, for the 21st time. My Somerset avoided relegation by less than 15 points.
  • England and Pakistan are having an epic 7-match T20 series in Pakistan that rivals anything baseball has ever done. Pakistan won yesterday in Lahore to take a 3-2 lead in the series. This is Good For Cricket, as they say.
  • The Men’s T20 World Cup starts on October 15th in Australia at ungodly hours for me, with the four Associate Member nations (Scotland, Namibia, UAE, and Netherlands) and four Full Member nations (Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe, and Ireland) fighting it out to see who gets to sit at the big table, starting on October 22nd. Four of those teams will advance, two from each group, and the suspense will be which Associate Member will advance from Group A (Namibia, Sri Lanka, Netherlands, UAE) and which Full Member nation won’t advance from Group B (West Indies, Ireland, Scotland, and Zimbabwe). Sri Lanka has been playing great cricket lately and should coast in Group A, and you would have to make West Indies, the 2012 and 2016 winner of this tournament, the favorite in Group B.
  • Tell us whatever else you got, and why non-striker run outs are either pure unadulterated evil or a gift sent from heaven above, but nothing in between.