Job Rants Thread – 9/23/2022 – Please Hold

Hey, all; Happy and Healthy Friday –

So, funny story: I did something for my job earlier in the week that I was sure beyond any doubt would have repercussions for me and be talked about in today’s post. Well, due to a completely unforeseen and unexpected series of circumstances in the past few days…It hasn’t. In fact, it only got noticed, yesterday, and, given the nature of my office management I can’t even trust that it will be dealt with before this goes to print.

So, yeah; I got nothin’. That having been said, expect more details, for good or ill; in next week’s post. In the meantime, I’m sure it’s been a week, so, go nuts before you go nuts.

As ever, have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, if out, and a great weekend. And, to paraphrase the classic work: “The best laid schemes o’ drones an’ wage-slaves/Gang aft a-gley.”

Lord, but do they gang aft a-gley.