Tournament: The Best Male+ Voice in Music (Nominations)

I’ve heard people say that…. too much of anything’s not good for you babe. But I don’t know about that. These are the nominees for the greatest voices in music.

For this voting round, please nominate any male vocal artist you’d like. There will be a tournament to follow for the best female vocal artist. Now, what about vocal artists that don’t fit neatly into those two categories? Up to the nominators and the voters! I’m not going to gate-keep anyone. Non-binary or genderqueer artists can be nominated in either tourney (or both!) This nominating round will stay open until Friday evening, around 8PM Eastern Time.

EDIT: Okay, we’ve got so many nominations already I don’t think keeping this part open for a whole other day makes sense. Jeez you all are prolific. So nominations will cut off at 8PM tonight (Thursday) Eastern and then I’ll post the seeding round tonight or tomorrow.