The Book Nook Recommends Feminist Books (9/21)

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Tiff Aching’s Golden Hare and Lowfatranch came up with the suggestion to do a Book Nook/Women+ Thread crossover, and of course I’m happy to oblige.

Now, as I’m a cis white man I’m loathe to tell anyone what feminism should or shouldn’t stand for (except to ignorant men perhaps). So I’m gonna let the countless female authors speak for themselves. Read Maya Angelou. Read Jane Austen. Read Octavia E. Butler. Read Sandra Cisneros. Read bell hooks. Read Sylvia Plath. Read Virginia Woolf. Read Rafia Zakaria. And read the other feminist authors I haven’t listed. Because it’s important to stay educated and take in as many perspectives as possible.

With that in mind, what feminist literature (fiction and/or non-fiction) would you recommend?

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