No, the Weekly Video Games Thread Really Is Gonna Talk about Grass

Hello, all, and welcome to the Weekly Games Thread!

So I was gonna surprise everyone about this when the Thread came out, but I’m working on a more elaborate Games Thread topic. I’m excited to to it to you all, but I’m gonna need some extra time to finish it. Not to mention I’ve still got that other article I’m publishing elsewhere.

Anyway, grass. What’s your favorite kind of video game grass? There’s graphics, of course; I’ve certainly heard some great things Ghosts of Tsushima‘s way. But you could also think of them mechanically, like how Pokémon fills them with exciting encounters or how other games use them to hide items. Ooh! And what about the way your footstep noises change when you walk on them? That’s exciting too, right?

While you marvel at how I’ve turned an idiotic prompt into something with multiple approaches, let’s hear about what you played this weekend.