The Weekly Wrestling Thread

The Weekly Wrestling Thread Kayfabes (September 16, 2022)


It’s all been (mostly) quiet on the CM Punk front. The post-All Out backstage fracas has supplied a trillion opinions all over the web, with plenty of dinosaurs like Les Thatcher, Dutch Mantell and Jim Cornette using it to exercise their grudges gleefully against the Young Bucks. Heartwarmingly, Kenny Omega has been spending his suspension catching up with a certain golden lover:

The Golden Lovers

Meanwhile Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson will meet at Arthur Ashe to determine who will be the man to lose the AEW Championship to MJF, who manfully tried to stay a heel on Dynamite despite everyone cheering everything he says. Thankfully Stokely Hathaway came out to kill the crowd and waste a great chunk of the show’s limited time to introduce his new stable.

Outside of the two championship qualifiers I wasn’t super impressed with this week’s show. I’ll put up with most nonsense in the wrestling world but a pizza dough-throwing wrestling chef and “Scissor me Daddy Ass” just don’t do it for me; meanwhile Andrade and Miro are nowhere to be seen.


Triple H has turned his attention to his baby – not the third brand, mind you, just developmental, as it ALWAYS HAS BEEN – and rebranded (debranded?) NXT back to its’ black and gold roots. Will it still be the goofy mess it’s been recently, or will it return to the “indy” ethos it was once beloved for? Time will tell.

NXT new logo


Everyone’s favourite made-up list of pro-wrestlers to get mad about was released this week; here is Pro Wrestling Insider 500’s Top Ten for 2022:

1 – Roman Reigns

2 – Kazuchika Okada

3 – CM Punk

4 – Hangman Adam Page

5 – Bobby Lashley

6 – Cody Rhodes

7 – Bryan Danielson

8 – Vikingo

9 – BigE

10- Jonathan Gresham

I suppose considering the parameters PWI set for themselves Mr Reigns being number one makes sense, but Jon Moxley only ranking at twelve? I am shocked and outraged, Sir.