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The Thursday Politics Thread Is Bull, Durham

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

When Trump left office (because he lost), many things were still in play. One of them was the appointment of a Special Counsel. John Durham was hired to root out al the nasty dealings of Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton, or at least that was what QAnon would have us believe. Much like his other gambits, like demanding a Special Master, he only did it because it had been used against him.

After Mueller had finished his investigation which found credible allegations of obstruction of justice by the President, Trump had investigation conducted of the investigation by the Inspector General of the Justice Department. After that investigation failed to find anything significant, Trump had Attorney General Bill Barr tap John Durham for another investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation. And three years later, with Trump and his minions telling people to Get Hype for all of the stuff Durham was going to bring to light, there was nothing. Durham’s current grand jury is set to expire and while he could convene a new one, it appears unlikely he will. Members of his team are leaving for other jobs, and he seems to be planning on delivering a report by the end of the year. Well, consider your enemies punished.

This shit would be comical, if people hadn’t been pulling the same shit with Mueller in 2017.

Durham’s investigation has lasted longer than the whole of the Mueller investigation and has nothing of substance to show. Probably because it was investigation designed to look into conspiracy theories and nonsense to satisfy an easily wounded ego. The thing with the Russia investigation is that there was actually something there. He was just mad anyone looked into it at all. As with most things from Gas Leak Years, it was tedious, expensive to taxpayers, and ultimately amounted to nothing.


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