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Star Trek: Lower Decks S3E04 Review: “Room for Growth”

Captain Freeman and the Engineers

The crew of the Cerritos is dealing with the aftermath of the bridge crew’s latest adventure. A haunted mask had possessed the captain, and its spirit Minooki transformed much of the ship into aqueducts and sacrificial altars. Billups and the engineers, already overworked, begin to crack under stress. Captain Freeman orders them all to take a vacation on the spa ship Dove.

The engineers can’t seem to stop working. They fix a door instead of taking the tour, draw circuit diagrams in a sand garden, and disable their monitor wristbands. Captain Freeman blows a gasket at their inability to relax, revealing that she’s the most dangerously stressed-out of all! Rutherford and company save the day by building a machine that instantly removes all the captain’s stress.

Beta Shift vs. Delta Shift

Tendi overhears Delta Shift scheming to fix the room lottery for new quarters that just opened up. She, Mariner, and Boimler decide to beat them to it by taking a shortcut through the guts of the ship. The path starts in the holodeck where Shaxs and T’Ana enjoy “crime play,” and Tendi almost overhears how T’Ana lost her tail. Beckett and Boims trip balls on psychoactive fumes in a chamber under the hydroponics bay. They all goof off in a low-gravity chamber until the bridge crew spins up the deflector, and Boimler almost gets flattened by centrifugal force, but the others make a rope from their uniforms and pull him to safety.

Delta Shift catches up to the gang in a small chamber where they have to wait for a vent to open. After the requisite exchange of insults, they all pass the time sharing embarrassing stories about officers. (Apparently Commander Ransom was turned into a caveman and locked in the galley, where he fashioned a doll-wife out of churros. And he still has it!) The groups resolve to bury the hatchet, but it was a Delta Shift ruse! They rush through the vent and leave Beta Shift behind. However, Bold Boimler finds an even better secondary shortcut, and our heroes get to the lottery terminal first.

They discover there aren’t four new rooms available, but just one! The friends decide to abandon the plan rather than split up the gang. Only after all four members of Delta Shift move into the room do they realize that they could’ve done the same thing. Whoops.


  • “I am Minooki!” “Oh boy, we got an ancient mask situation here. This is like the third time it’s happened. Stop touching masks!”
  • “Ooh, I’ve always wanted to explore an ethical gray area.”
  • “The puppy playpen is one of our most popular offerings. For the more deviant among you, we also have kittens. No judgment.”
  • “Okay, you guys stay here and feed the rabbits. I’m gonna find a way through this maze!” “I am trapped inside an egg.”
  • “Come on, you can’t have a pedi without a mani.” “It’s like a pedi for your hand-toes.”
  • “Stop! — aw, not you, little guys. Keep on puppin’.”
  • “We’re only gonna be lower deckers for so long. I mean, in no time Tendi’s going to be a bridge officer, I’ll probably get drummed out of Starfleet for calling Ransom a piece of shit, and Boimler, you’ll be dead, because of the whole being bold thing.”
  • “Computer, 35 churros in an unmarked paper bag. Hot.”