Police Academy: Mission to Moscow Day Thread

Don’t ask me why I was reading up on the plots of the Police Academy franchise, but I was surprised by this trivia about the final film, Mission to Moscow. Per Wikipedia:

“The shooting of the film took place in Russia in the fall of 1993.[3] According to the behind-the-scenes featurette Underneath the Mission, included on the DVD release, this was one of the first American-produced comedy films to be allowed to film in post-Soviet Russia itself, with scenes filmed involving the Bolshoi Ballet, and on Red Square. Production was temporarily halted due to the October 1993 constitutional crisis and the damaged White House, Moscow is clearly visible in one scene. Despite the conflict, production was allowed to resume with one of the first scenes after the conflict being filmed at Moscow’s airport.”

That’s right – Police Academy has a minor footnote in a significant moment in post-Soviet Russian history. I want a movie where Boris Yeltsin calls on Commandant Lassard and his precinct of misfits to fight back against the Russian Parliament. That’s guaranteed to be 1000% more entertaining than whatever happened in Mission to Moscow, which I’ve only seen half of on TV once in my life, and I think it was when my family and I were on vacation.