The 9/8 Night Thread Announces The Return of Songs By The Letter

Remember Songs By The Letter? Each week, I would post a letter of the alphabet, and people would respond with their 25 favorite songs that start with that letter. I took the letters in order – too much to keep track of if I jumped around randomly. At the end, I had a separate entry for songs that start with numbers and symbols. I even had one very last post where we could post one favorite song for each letter of the alphabet (plus a number/symbol song). It was a lot of fun, even if it led to some agonizing decisions on which songs to include. (The letter S in particular was hell.)

The last one went up on February 17, 2020, and a lot has changed since then. (Understatement.) I know I’ve discovered a whole lot of music in the past 2+ years. (And Fiona Apple released Fetch The Bolt Cutters, which is a goddamn masterpiece.) We do have some people who never got to participate in the past, and I’d like to give them a chance to participate.

So I’m bringing back Songs By The Letter this Monday, September 12. I’ll likely schedule it for 2 PM ET, same as last time. We’ll start with A, of course, and we’ll keep going every Monday until we get to Z, then we’ll do symbol/number songs, and close out with a “Best of the Best” with your favorite song for each letter.

Last time, I referred to it as Side 2, since it was our second time through the alphabet. I don’t have a clever name for this one, though. Volume 3 is the best I can come up with.

There is one rule I want to make explicit this time around: No making fun of anyone else’s songs. It’s never been a problem with Songs By The Letter, but I’m hoping by clearly stating it, more people will feel comfortable participating. (I’ll continue to mention the optional house rule of one song per artist, but it will still be optional, and I will very likely break it for the letter D, with both Dear Prudence and A Day In The Life.)

So since this is the Night Thread and I’ll likely be asleep for a good portion of it, if you have any suggestions or questions, please tag me (Julia Krellis), and I’ll respond once I’m awake.

As for this thread, post cat pictures and be excellent to each other.