Sports Corner Acknowledges Football Season

Yours truly, as I have noted from time to time, is ambivalent about America’s single most popular form of entertainment. On the one hand, it’s violent and exploitative and laced with sexism and racism and homophobia and if it went away, we might be better for it. On the other hand, no matter how I try, I still follow it intently and fully expect to spend at least some Sundays participating in the football threads here. Football still has a hold on me, and I suspect it always will even if I haven’t watched a game in years.

Either way, the season kicks off tomorrow, and will no doubt consume huge chunks of time until we get to the Super Bowl. Who wins this year? Don’t ask me. But I bet the winner has a good QB and a coach who speaks in platitudes.


  • Baseball season winds down, with a couple of divisions still in play but with most of the playoff teams in place.
  • NBA training camp is coming soon, and I think we are done with trading season at last
  • Eurobasket, featuring some huge stars, is off and running across the ocean.
  • Hockey season is coming soon, too.
  • Really interesting US Open so far. Is that an American man doing well?
  • Farewell to two absolute legends as Serena Williams and Sue Bird move to the next stages of their lives.

As always, all sports subjects welcome.