AVoCADo GamesCast #85: Cuphead 434…

Here’s episode #85 of the AVoCADo GamesCast, titled in full “Cuphead 434, or in which a Party of Stout-Hearted Gentlepeople Discuss the Finer Points of Benign Stomach Acid.” In this episode, The Kappa, Wolfman Jew, podcast newcomer Wafflicious, and I chat about PowerWash Simulator, Hades, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and Silt (featured in the episode header image). We then have a wide-ranging discussion about game guides, walkthroughs, instruction manuals, and the difference between assistance and cheating.

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0:15 – Introduction
5:00 – What We’ve Been Playing: PowerWash Simulator
13:15 – What We’ve Been Playing: Hades
21:00 – What We’ve Been Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles 3
43:30 – What We’ve Been Playing: Silt
55:05 – Guides and Walkthroughs
1:03:45 – Why We Use Guides and Walkthroughs
1:12:30 – Sources of Guides and Walkthroughs
1:18:00 – Asking for Help
1:24:25 – Printed Strategy Guides and Instruction Manuals
1:43:30 – Help vs. Cheating
2:05:55 – Hidden Content
2:09:15 – The Downsides of Walkthrough Culture
2:16:05 – Conclusion

SPOILER WARNING: Baba Is You; Broken Age; Dragon Age: Inquisition; Final Fantasy VII; Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Timestamps for spoilers available in the linkdump.