WW 191: The Westing Game – Day 5

No music intro? We’re done with those? Hmph. Fine.

Turtle Wexler, 13-year old girl and non-cat, was snooping the grounds of Sunset Towers when a familiar figure pulled her braid. She turned around and kicked her assailant as hard in the shins as she could. It was satisfying, but did nothing to stop the dagger plunged into her heart.

Side Character is dead. He was Turtle Wexler (Town Alignment Cop).

The residents paced the floors, jumping at each sound louder than a whisper. But the night was quiet, and the fuse being lit was too silent to be heard by any not already listening for it.

  1. Chum E.J. Plum, Legal Archivist
  2. copywight Sun Lin Hoo, Clue Thief
  3. Cork Vanilla Town
  4. Goat Otis Amber, Lover
  5. beinggreen
  6. Jake Vanilla Town
  7. Josephus James Shin Hoo, Cursemaker Wolf
  8. Lindsay
  9. Marlowe Vanilla Town
  10. MSD Berthe Erica Crow, Lover
  11. Mustard Flora Baumbach, Wolf Tailor
  12. Nate Vanilla Town
  13. Raven Angela Wexler, SK/Cannoneer
  14. Side Turtle Wexler, Alignment Cop
  15. Thoughts Vanilla Town
  16. Tiff Vanilla Town
  17. Wasp

2 Town Players – Some will be Regular Tenants (Vanilla Townies) with no power other than their votes. Others will have powers. Roles will only be revealed upon death. Win when all wolves and the ??? role are eliminated.

1 Wolf – Win when the ??? role is eliminated and they equal or surpass town’s numbers. May or may not have powers.

Dead roles:

Turtle Wexler – Town Alignment Cop. Reads a person each night and gets a result of Wolf, Not Wolf, or No Result.

E.J. Plum – Town Legal Archivist. Guesses who dies each night. If correct, gets a five-word message from beyond the grave.

Sun Lin Hoo – Clue Thief. Picks a player each night and steals whatever information they have, such as their slips of paper or bonus hints.

Berthe Erica Crow and Otis Amber – Town Lovers. Die when the other dies. Could have won the Westing Game together.

James Shin Hoo – Cursemaker Wolf. Selects a player each night and grants them some sort of speech restriction. May choose themself or a comrade, but cannot choose the same person twice in a row.

Flora Baumbach – Wolf Tailor. Picks another player each night and flips the result if they get investigated. (Wolves would read as Not Wolf and non-wolves would read as Wolf.)

Angela Wexler – SK/Cannoneer. Builds a bomb each night, then has the option of using the bomb or storing it for a later night.

General Rules

Ties will be determined by RNG among tied players.

Players may not quote directly from their Discord chats, nor screenshot from them. Please run it by the mod before trying to communicate secret information.

All night actions are mandatory unless otherwise stated.

The wolf kill will be carried out by one wolf each night. The wolf may use any other night actions they possess while executing the kill.

Have patience with the mod and especially other players. Attack arguments and not people.

The mods reserves the right to add events or rule changes as they see fit for balancing purposes.

Twilight is on Wednesday, September 7th at 10 PM CST.

Today is HSOPTYG (Hit Scum Or Pray To Your Gods).