Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2017-2020: Nominations

Our final 4-year tournament begins! There will be songs in this tournament that did not yet exist when this series began.

All songs originating from games released between January 1st 2017 and December 31st 2020 are eligible. This covers the deathrattle of the Wii U, a bunch of Switch games, most of the back half of the PS4/Xbone, theoretically the launch titles for PS5/Xbox Series Xbox, and as always PC/Mobile/Arcade. However, please note that we are strictly following years here, not console. Full Rules:

  1. If you aren’t sure your song counts, nominate it! There’s bound to be grey area so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries.
  2. The song should originate from a video game. Covers and other alternate versions of pre-existing songs are acceptable if they substantially alter the original work (e.g. BioShock Infinite’s barbershop cover of “God Only Knows” is allowed, most Guitar Hero covers are not)
  3. If there is a difference between regions of release for a game, all release dates are considered valid. For instance, if a game came out in Japan during one tournament’s time frame and North America during another’s, its songs would be valid in both tournaments. HOWEVER: you can’t nominate a song that’s been nominated during a previous tournament. Games can double-dip, but songs can’t.
  4. Remixes/new versions of previous songs are allowed so long as they are substantively different from the original version. There’s no explicit criteria here, so use your best judgment.

We’re also using a special nomination process! Do NOT nominate in the comments!

Instead, submit your nominations through this handy form:

You can also see a list of all nominated songs here:

To cut down on duplicate nominations, please check to see if your song’s been nominated before submitting. You can sort the list by game name if you want, which should make things easier (the form is read-only, so don’t worry about messing anything up!)

NEW! We have an additional method for nominations!

If you have a spreadsheet of songs to nominate and you’d rather not put in them in through the form one at a time, I can help!

  1. Make sure your spreadsheet is on Google Sheets, or otherwise accessible to me.
  2. Format it such that you have a column for the source game, and a column for the song name, and a column for the song link. (Like how it’s formatted in the form response spreadsheet, if you’re confused)
  3. Make ONE post in the comments linking me to your spreadsheet. Once you’ve posted your link please don’t make any changes to it (don’t want to have nominations getting lost, after all). If you want to nominate more songs after posting your sheet, either make another sheet or go through the form.

Once you’ve shared the spreadsheet I’ll simply copy and paste it over into the main one with all the form responses. Hopefully it works well!

Nominations will be open until Saturday, September 10th at 10:00 PM Pacific Time