Night Thread: September 02, 2022. Escape Is Guaranteed To Leave You In Suspense

Suspense and Escape were old Radio shows specializing in Horror and Suspense! There are a ton of great episodes of them and I would like to list some of my favorites!

  • The Doll from 1956: This Suspense episode stars Pattie McCormick. It is about a little girl having a terrible time dealing with her Mom’s death and her Dad remarrying. Her new Step Mom gets her a windup Doll for her birthday and tragedy ensues.
  • Leiningen Versus The Ants from 1947/8: This Escape Classic stars, William Conrad, as a Brazillian Plantation Owner who is too stubborn to evacuate a horde of ants, opting to take them on himself. Classic Man vs Nature stuff is made even better by Conrad’s acting.
  • The Yellow Wallpaper 1948: This Escape episode stars Agnes Moorehead in what I think is her best role ever this is a classic tale of a Woman driven mad by mistreatment from those around her.
  • The Game from 1955: This Suspense episode is about Two Men who decide to play a game of Russian Roulette.
  • The Whole Town Sleeping from 1955: This Moorehead lead Suspense is a real-time tale of terror as one Woman (Moorehead) walks home alone at night while being stalked by a serial killer.

I love old radio shows and I am always looking for more episodes to check out so please leave any you think I’d like behind