The Thursday Politics Thread Can’t See Russia From It’s House

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

I wake to the wonderful news that Sarah Palin friggin’ lost her bid for the open Congressional seat in Alaska in a special election last night. Her opponent, Mary Peltola, will be the first Alaskan Native American to serve in Congress(She is Yu’Pik and celebrated her birthday on Wednesday!). The special election was to replace Rep. Don Young who died earlier this year at the age of 88. She will complete the remainder of his term and then she will head into another election in November for a full 2-year term.

Alaska has recently adopted a ranked choice voting system. Ranked choice involves holding several rounds of an election and votes are tabulated based on voters preferred candidates, those votes are then given to their next choice when the preferred candidate fails to meet the threshold. The election had actually been held earlier in the month but given how rural Alaska is, it took several weeks to receive the mail-in and absentee ballots. Palin called the new system “crazy, convoluted, confusing.”

Due to the timing of Don Young’s passing, Peltola will only be serving for two months before she has to run against both Palin and Republican runner-up Nick Begich in November. This election was just to see who would fill out the remainder of the term. So while we can celebrate this win right now, things could still change by November. Peltola won by 3 percentage points.

All things considered, while I may dance on the grave of Sarah Palin’s political relevancy, relations appear to be quite congenial. Palin and Peltola both served together in the Alaskan legislature and while they have differing political views, Peltola said she placed a premium on being respectful towards her opponents. Palin, for her part, refrained from attacking her in the campaign and called Peltola a sweetheart. The other Republican candidate, Nick Begich, congratulated her and looked forward to November.

How much of this is the people involved knowing that there’s another election coming up in two months is to be determined. But sometimes it’s nice when people aren’t shitty to each other. Sometimes. Even to a horrorshow like Sarah Palin.

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