WW 191: The Westing Game – Day 2

But you’re so heavenly minded, you’re no earthly good.

Johnny Cash “No Earthly Good” The Rambler

Berthe Erica Crow, woman of faith, knew something of sin and atonement. As the Good Salvation Soup Kitchen closed down for the day, she suspected that her past was catching up with her. Her partner, having cleaned the last bowl, having turned off the last light, looked her in the eyes and read her thoughts.

“They’re coming, Otis.”

“I know.”

“I’m sorry you got tied into this. Sorry you got connected to a bad woman who…”

“Saved a wretch like me?” he asked. He didn’t judge her. Or perhaps more accurately, he did, and found nothing wanting. No coldness, no lack of kindness or good intentions. He donned his aviator cap for the last time and waited for a knock on the door. It came, as surely as the sunrise.

MSD is dead. He was Berthe Erica Crow (Town Lover).

Goat is dead. He was Otis Amber (Town Lover).

When their bodies were discovered in the soup kitchen, the heirs swept the place, looking for clues. They were gone, all four slips of paper. Someone must have taken them.

Meanwhile, a figure lit a fuse in Sunset Towers. As the candle burned down (one stripe for every half hour) the target was settling into the rhythms of the day. It would soon go off.

  1. Chum
  2. copywight
  3. Cork Vanilla Town
  4. Goat Otis Amber, Lover
  5. beinggreen
  6. Jake
  7. Josephus
  8. Lindsay
  9. Marlowe
  10. MSD Berthe Erica Crow, Lover
  11. Mustard
  12. Nate
  13. Raven
  14. Side
  15. Thoughts
  16. Tiff
  17. Wasp

10 Town Players – Some will be Regular Tenants (Vanilla Townies) with no power other than their votes. Others will have powers. Roles will only be revealed upon death. Win when all wolves and the ??? role are eliminated.

3 Wolves – Win when the ??? role is eliminated and they equal or surpass town’s numbers. May or may not have powers.

??? – Third-party faction who wins when there is at most one other player remaining.

Dead roles:

Berthe Erica Crow and Otis Amber – Town Lovers. Die when the other dies. Could have won the Westing Game together.

General Rules

Ties will be determined by RNG among tied players.

Players may not quote directly from their Discord chats, nor screenshot from them. Please run it by the mod before trying to communicate secret information.

All night actions are mandatory unless otherwise stated.

The wolf kill will be carried out by one wolf each night. The wolf may use any other night actions they possess while executing the kill.

Have patience with the mod and especially other players. Attack arguments and not people.

The mods reserves the right to add events or rule changes as they see fit for balancing purposes.

The Mystery

Whosoever names Sam Westing’s killer will win independently and exit the game.

Clues will be found among players, in the write ups, and in the headers as well.

Players will submit one name per night, starting on Night 3. Mods will use their discretion to break ties.

Familiarity with Ellen Raskin’s novel is not required, and may in fact be misleading. Do not assume that having read it, you know the answer, the characters, or their alignments.

A shiny private clue to the first person to tag sic humor and reply with a lyric from Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” (8 Mile: Music From the Motion Picture)

Twilight is on Thursday, September 1st at 7 PM CST.