Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (8/30)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place on the Avocado to discuss films with your fellow commenters. Want to make a recommendation? Looking for recommendations? Want to share your opinions of movies, both new and classic?

Australian director George Miller makes his return, shiny and chrome, with an all new movie. Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba star in a movie called Three Thousand Years of Longing, which is about a genie that grants three wishes. Which one’s the genie? Well… it’s a toss up, really.

Today’s bonus prompt: What is your favorite George Miller film?

There’s a very good chance your answer is going to be one of the Mad Max films. It might be the most recent entry, the exhilarating pedal-to-the-medal action of Fury Road. Or it might be the stripped down revenge thriller of the original. Perhaps you carry a spot in your heart of the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla featured in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. Or maybe you just want to go Beyond the Thunderdome. (Let’s be honest, though. None of you are picking Beyond The Thunderdome.)

Maybe you love the very obvious casting of Jack Nicholson as a seductive devil in The Witches of Eastwick. Or perhaps Lorenzo’s Oil made you cry.

Then there are his kids films, which is something of a departure, you’d think, except they make up almost a fourth of his filmography. You can tap along with the penguins of Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2. Then there’s Babe: Pig In The City, a strange sequel to a popular film that must be seen to be believed. I think Babe becomes a crime lord or something.