WW 191: The Westing Game – Signups

The sun sets in the west (just about everyone knows that), but Sunset Towers faced east. Strange!

Then one day (it happened to be whenever the writer was slacking at work), a most uncommon-looking Discord bot sent invitations to the phones and computers of twenty players-to-be. The invitations were signed sic humor.

The Discord bot was only one year old, and there was no such person as sic humor.

Who were these people, these specially selected players? They were students and teachers, brothers and sisters, hermits and bon vivants. And, oh yes, one was a bookie, one was a burglar, one was a bomber, and one was a mistake. Discord had sent one invitation to the wrong person.

But the players were eager, and they accepted that all games, as long as they are created by human beings, were imperfect and subject to exploitation. They trundled in to the reading of Sam Westing’s will. A nervous man in the front of the room cleared his throat. They listened. They plotted.

Welcome to Werewolf 191: The Westing Game. This is a game for precisely 20 players (though backups will be most appreciated). Roles will be hidden and revealed upon death. Aside from that, the usual win conditions apply: Town players hunt wolves while the wolves attempt to equal town’s numbers. A third-party attempts to be the last person standing.

In addition, players will compete to solve Sam Westing’s murder. The first to succeed will win the game independently of the other factions. Details below.

  1. MSD

2. Wasp

3. Thoughts

4. Goat

5. Josephus

6. Jake

7. Chum

8. Cork

9. beinggreen

10. Mustard

11. Lindsay

12. copywight

13. Marlowe

14. Raven

15. Nate







15 Town Players – Some will be Regular Tenants (Vanilla Townies) with no power other than their votes. Others will have powers. Roles will only be revealed upon death. Win when all wolves and the ??? role are eliminated.

4 Wolves – Win when the ??? role is eliminated and they equal or surpass town’s numbers. May or may not have powers.

??? – Third-party faction who wins when there is at most one other player remaining.

General Rules

Ties will be determined by RNG among tied players.

Players may not quote directly from their Discord chats, nor screenshot from them. Please run it by the mod before trying to communicate secret information.

All night actions are mandatory unless otherwise stated.

The wolf kill will be carried out by one wolf each night. The wolf may use any other night actions they possess while executing the kill.

Have patience with the mod and especially other players. Attack arguments and not people.

The mod reserves the right to add events or rule changes as he sees fit for balancing purposes.

The Mystery

In addition to the players’ faction-based win conditions, the first player to solve Sam Westing’s murder will win independently of everyone else and exit the game immediately. Town, wolves, and the third-party will continue to play until one faction wins.

Every player, at the start of the game, will be dealt two clues. They may publicly share them as they see fit. They may also lie, withhold, or mislead others as they see fit.

Players may start submitting one guess per night, starting on Night 3. The mod may ask follow-up questions, giving preference to those who respond with (correct) details.

Only one player may win this way. If multiple players submit the correct answer on the same night, the mod will enact a tie-breaker, which could be RNG, a game of his own devising, an essay contest, or something he’ll decide at a later time.

Events will take place during certain Day phases, allowing players to investigate and shed light on the story.

While this game may borrow names from Ellen Raskin’s novel, the story has changed considerably. Do not assume familiarity with the novel will help you deduce the mystery, roles, or character alignments.

Mrs. Queequeg will be modding in addition to sic humor.