The Creative Endeavors Thread Is Pleasantly Peninsular

This is the space for our members to discuss and share their creative projects, ranging from written works to drawings, photography, and even craft projects such as knitting and woodworking. Self promotion is welcome (websites where we can view and/or purchase your work). Please do continue to preface if content is NSFW and be sure to properly spoiler/link such content.

For the past few years, I’ve gone on in this forum about my love for August, at least in a local context. There’s a month or so lull between festival season and the start of school (I live in a college town) that I’ve always found a productive time in which to relax, reflect, and prepare. The autumn and winter months have long been the “creative season” for me and I’m especially excited this year as the construction noise of the past two years—that’s made regular brainstorming and creative work in my apartment difficult if not largely impossible—is due to conclude (it had presumably better, given that the apartment building in question is leasing units for… practically now). I’ve also been making a decent effort to bring my energy back into sync given that I’ve also gone back to working a five-day week for the first time since the pandemic started; a couple of weeks back marked my first six days in a row possibly since 2018 and I thankfully came out of it none the worse for wear.

While the pandemic has obviously complicated things (though in fewer ways than I expected), this August has proven especially bracing thus far as not only does it come in the middle of an admittedly leisurely job search on my part—my first real sustained effort in fourteen years (looking for a job when I’m not desperate for one has been something of a confusing novelty and I’ve been acting accordingly)—but it’s also the twentieth anniversary (I don’t remember the exact date, but probably last week or maybe this weekend as it was a drawn-out process) of my moving to Michigan (from Louisiana, with a three-year detour for grad school in Ohio). It was a bit of a whim in hindsight, but I’ve been largely happy with my decision and the past several years have only served to confirm some—overwhelmingly accidental—foresight. Especially given how my surroundings have exerted a greater influence on my work over the past couple of years, I’m thankful for where I am and hoping I have a lot more time to explore it.

Speaking of which, the header’s a morning shot of Trinkle Road in central Washtenaw County, just west of Dexter. Having bike issues at present but hoping to make it out that way at least once more before the summer turns into our characteristically brief autumn.

How’s your work going?