The Johan de Witt Day Thread (8/20)

Johan de Witt was the scion of a powerful political family and essentially became the The Dutch Republic’s Prime Minister 1 in 1653. His leadership can be best described by this painting

Johan was not an actual swan. Maybe.

It’s 1672, aka Rampjaar. The Disaster Year2. The French are doing a good job in trying to conquer the The Dutch Republic. The English aren’t making things any easier and the Germans have decided to tag in, too. Johan has resigned August 4th, being blamed for all of the woes happening to the Dutch, but it wasn’t enough. People were still, as they say, big mad. Johan’s brother, Cornelis, was also a major politician and got sentenced to exile for treason. Wanting to help a bro out, Johan walked over to the The Hague one fine August 20th 350 years ago to help Cornelis begin his exile when the militia caught up to them and were promptly shot and left to the mob. In addition to the usual indignities, the mob removed the brothers’ livers from their corpses and ate them.

The cannibals were never charged, but I think there’s still time.