Animation Time

Welp. This has been a sad week for animation.

The Warner Brothers/Discovery merger has lead to a heartbreaking number of shows getting pulled in a cynical attempt to cut costs. Many of these were animated.

I started doing this feature because I love everything about animation. It’s a beautiful artform that takes an unbelievable amount of passion and hard work to create. Even to this day, I’m sometimes still taken aback just by the simple knowledge that someone had to draw this. Someone worked out how to make these pictures come to life. Someone had to match those mouth movements to the actors’ lines. And that’s just the basic visual side of the operation. Every animated show, even one of the crappy ones, is a miracle of teamwork and skill.

Thinking about all the work so many people put into their shows, only for some imaginationless CEO to toss it all in the garbage in hopes of getting out of paying for that work… It’s infuriating to me. This art is a part of our culture, and it’s getting locked away.

This is all Ronald Reagan’s fault somehow, I can just feel it. It’s Animation Time.

What animated things have you been into lately? What’s a recent episode of something you saw that lacks a dedicated review spot? Here’s where we can talk about it! Like the old AT comment section, try to begin top-level comments with the name of the specific show you want to talk about in bold (assuming you are talking about a specific show), so it’s easy to find for others who want to talk about that show.