30 Day Action Movie Challenge Day 17: The Bond Women So Far

For the month of August, we’re going to be focusing on the world of action movies and that means going through a lot of very different elements of it. The prompts this month were worked on by Mr. Ixolite, Brick Fistcrush, and myself!

The challenge is underway and we’re shifting gears as we get further into it. Today, we’re focusing on some of the women that have populated the Bond films. While the women in these films have grown in their being more fully active participants in the action sequences themselves and the storyline over the years, they’ve had a key role since very early on in a lot of whats. Who has been your favorite Bond women of action over the decades and why?

Bonus: Which of the past Bond women do you wish either had a bigger action role in the film they were in or could have been spun off into something else?