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Sports Corner Makes All the Trades

A week later, the dust has settled on an epic MLB trade deadline day. I think it’s clear that no player of Juan Soto’s stature has ever been traded, though odds are getting higher and higher that we will see Shohei Otahni traded within the next year. But the Soto trade is meant for the long term, while most of what we saw is for the short term and could affect who makes the playoffs and who wins the World Series. Though as the Dodgers did almost nothing, all those trades could amount to nothing. (Certainly the Soto deal did nothing to help the Padres beat LA last weekend.) Baseball fans, tell me what you think of your team’s deals.


  • The Brooklyn Nets soap opera grinds on, interrupting the otherwise sleepy NBA offseason.
  • NFL training camps are open, along with players getting hurt and getting into fight.
  • The new EPL season is off, but apparently no one told Manchester United.
  • Serena Williams is likely to end her legendary career after the US Open.

As ever, all sports subjects are welcome.